Television History - The First 75 Years
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Pre-1935 Magazines

This section provides a month-by-month presentation of the front covers of the most popular TV hobbyist magazines in the pre-1935 era.  

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1933 RADIO NEWS and the Short-wave

1933 Nov Radio News-SW.JPG (57942 bytes) (58K)    1933 Nov Radio News-SW-Pg268.JPG (328722 bytes) (329K)    1933 Nov Radio News-SW-Pg269.JPG (347526 bytes) (347K)    1933 Nov Radio News-SW-Pg270.JPG (357503 bytes) (357K)    1933 Nov Radio News-SW-Pg313.JPG (191154 bytes) (191K)
Nov 1933

This issue has a very early article that discusses the use of the Cathode-Ray Tube for television and goes into great detail about the tube operation and characteristics.  The first CRT television tubes were offered to experimenters around 1931.  One example is shown below:


1931 Westinghouse CRT.JPG (32999 bytes) (33K)                1931 Westinghouse DRC593 CRT Data Sheet.JPG (147775 bytes) (147K)                 1931 Westinghouse CRT Envelope.JPG (68998 bytes) (69K)
1931 Westinghouse Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT) for Television, No. DRC-593, with DATA SHEET and original envelope

  1932 CRT Advert.JPG (50816 bytes) (50K)
1931 Advertising which mentions that CRT Television is coming soon (actual USA launch was in April, 1939).


1931 May-June TV News.JPG (130137 bytes) (130K)
1931 Television News - These were fabulous hobbyist's magazines that tracked the progress of television.  This May-June issue shows the 'new' Cathode-Ray tube being used in a 'stylized' vision of television.  It is interesting to note that whenever people are shown viewing television they are almost always shown in the finest suits and gowns!

The Manual of Ultra-Short Wave Radio - Published in 1932, compiled and edited by James Millen & Robert S. Kruse, by the National Company, Malden, Mass.  Great article about early USA CRT television.  The broadcast transmissions discussed are for the early 120-line CRT field test, which was the first transmission of TV using VHF frequencies.  (Courtesy Steve McVoy)

1931TVp1.JPG (139048 bytes) (139K)
Page 58

1931TVp2.JPG (267003 bytes) (267K)
Page 59

1931TVp3.JPG (249197 bytes) (249K)
Page 60

1931TVp4.JPG (238005 bytes) (238K)
Page 61