Television History - The First 75 Years
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1950-1959 Magazines
This page has trade, technical and hobbyist magazines from the 1950-1959 time period.

1950 Radio Age
(Courtesy Anselmo Roccaforte)

1950 April RADIO AGE-pg3.JPG (240615 bytes) (241K)    1950 April RADIO AGE-pg3a.JPG (168392 bytes) (168K)    1950 April RADIO AGE-pg4.JPG (224151 bytes) (224K)    1950 April RADIO AGE-pg5.JPG (324136 bytes) (324K)    1950 April RADIO AGE-pg21.JPG (230392 bytes) (230K)
April -- Talks about development of new color picture tube & experimental set shown

1950 July RADIO AGE-pg3.JPG (242501 bytes) (243K)    1950 July RADIO AGE-pg4.JPG (226532 bytes) (227K)    1950 July RADIO AGE-pg5.JPG (275203 bytes) (275K)    1950 July RADIO AGE-pg6.JPG (258384 bytes) (258K)    1950 July RADIO AGE-pg10.JPG (286849 bytes) (287K)
July -- Progress report on color television    

1951 Radio Electronics
(Courtesy Steve Dichter)

1951-Jan-RADIO-ELEC.jpg (66076 bytes) (66K)
January - Cover shows the new CBS Mechanical Color Camera, with the corresponding reception on a CBS color TV

1951-Jan-RADIO-ELEC-Pg23.jpg (236566 bytes) (237K)
Article about how to: "Convert Your TV Set for Color (CBS Field Sequential) Reception" - Page 23

1951-Jan-RADIO-ELEC-Pg24.jpg (222825 bytes) (223K)
Page 24

1951-Jan-RADIO-ELEC-Pg25.jpg (316467 bytes) (317K)
Page 25

1952 RCA Radio and Television Service Notes

1952 May-June RCA Service Notes.JPG (103375 bytes) (104K)    1952 May-June RCA Service Notes P9.JPG (238097 bytes) (238K)
1952 May-June --  RCA Tube Department Publication - Metal Shell Kinescopes

1953-54 Popular Mechanics

1953 Sept Popular Mechanics - Color TV Tests (250K bytes) (250K)
1953 - September - "Color Television Field Tests .."

1954 January -- "Color TV is Here" Exclaims the text on the cover

1954 Aug Popular Mechanics - Color TV -  (204K bytes) (204K)
1954 August -- "Three of the first commercial RCA color TVs come off the assembly line ..."

1954 Sept- Popular Mech - TV TODAY (290K bytes) (290K)
1954 September -- "Television Today" -- Shows new RCA color TV cameras for NBC and CBS



1955 The New Yorker
(Courtesy Nat Pendleton)

1955 Oct 22 NEW YORKER.JPG (86238 bytes) (86K)
October 22nd

Quoting a note from Nat, who supplied this scan:  "... this is the oldest reference to the "obsolescence of early TV sets" that I've seen.   The guy must have bought a big screen set, and is hauling the "mutant crossbreed" of a Dumont Chatham "doghouse" and a 621-TS into his attic.  Note the earlier victims of obsolescence, namely a cathedral radio and a crank-up Victrola".