Television History - The First 75 Years
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1950-1959 Other Stuff

This page contains items that don't fit the previously established sections, such as cartoons and comic strips about television, station logos, toys and ephemera from the 1950 to 1959 time period.

Remote Controls for Television - Click here to see examples and advertising

NBC, ABC, CBS - COLOR PRESENTATION LOGOS   [peacock courtesy of Ed Reitan]

Visit  Kris Trexler's Site      to see the original 1950's NBC Peacock, and other color presentation logos!

Kris has amazing "QuickTime" video clips, with sound, of these logos as they appeared on TV about 50 years ago!  MUST SEE !!!

  = External website

TV Network Logos

abc-1952.jpg (49929 bytes) (50K)  abc-lo~1.jpg (4253 bytes) (4k)  abc-mic.jpg (5262 bytes) (5K)    cbs-1951.jpg (39365 bytes) (39K) 

Click here to see 101 Local Television Station Idents for 1951

1950s DuMont Matchbook

DuMont Matchbook.JPG (53877 bytes) (54K)

1950s TV Salt and Pepper Shaker

Salt-Pepper TV.jpg (43150 bytes) (43K)
Available in both ivory and brown.  You would twist the knob at the bottom to raise the little salt and pepper holders at the far right.

1950s TV Coin Banks and Viewers

TVBANK.jpg (24875 bytes) (25K)    1950s TV Bank2.JPG (23138 bytes) (23K)    1950s TV Novelty Viewer.JPG (36442 bytes) (36K)    1950s British TV Viewer.JPG (62130 bytes) (62K)
There were many different TV coin bank designs.  I suppose there might even be a website devoted to these!

1950s Kraft Cameraman

1950s KRAFT Cameraman Toy.JPG (30453 bytes) (30K)
This was a promotional item for Kraft Theatre in the early 1950s.

Trivia Question:  What was the FIRST TOY advertised on television?

The first toy advertised on television was Mr. Potato Head. Introduced in 1952, smart marketing put the spud on the tube. At the time, two-thirds of American TVs were owned by families with children under 12. The cute little toy grossed $4 million in his very first year.  Mattel says that one of their toys, a Mickey Mouse guitar, was the first toy advertised on TV, but the general consensus is for the spud.

1953 Crosley Owner's Manual

1953 Crosley O-Manual.JPG (10912 bytes) (11K)   1953 Crosley O-ManualP6-7.JPG (76377 bytes) (76K)    1953 Crosley O-ManualP8-9.JPG (108727 bytes) (109K)     1953 Crosley O-ManualP10-11.JPG (97496 bytes) (97K)