Television History - The First 75 Years
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1948-1949 "TV Guide"

Prior to the national launch of the beloved "TV Guide" in 1953, there were regional examples that existed.  Most popular for collectors is the New York City Pre-National edition.

1949 Jan 22 TV Guide2.jpg (10620 bytes)(11K file size) 

Jan 1949

1946 Feb 26 TV Guide2.JPG (9776 bytes)(10K)  



February 26, 1949


1949 Mar 12 - TV GUIDE2.jpg (12916 bytes) (13K)
 March 1949

"TV Guide" pre national for NYC was launched June 18, 1948.  Here is the "FIRST ANNIVERSARY" Edition:

1949 June 18 FIRST ANNIV TV Guide.JPG (70313 bytes) (70K) June 1949


August 6th, 1949 "TV GUIDE"  (72K bytes) (72K)  August 6th, 1949  -  Captain Video!  (Courtesy Dave Hunt)


1949 Sept 3 TV Guide.JPG (47711 bytes) (48K) September 3, 1949   


 By December 17, 1949, there were 92,112 paid circulation in the New York state area.   Take note of the cover below:

1949 TV Guide 92K Paid Circ $60.jpg (24198 bytes) (24K)   


Dec 1949

Other Programming Guides or Related TV Magazines

Every so often I have come across other TV program guide booklets.  Most are regional issues.  

Here is the the First Issue of the national Telecast Magazine.  8-1/2" x 11", 66 pages. Published by G&E Publishing, NY.   Page one talks about this booklet being an experiment.  I would love to know how long it remained in publication.  Primarily covers television stars, production and other interesting articles.  Says there are 2,000,000 TV sets in operation in the United States in November 1949.  Talks about DuMont starting its daytime programming on November 1, 1948 -- Operating without interruption from 7:00AM until 11PM.  It says this was the first TV station in the USA to offer a full day's entertainment!

November 1949

1949 Nov Telecast Cover.JPG (28395 bytes) (28K)   1949 Nov Telecast Pg1.JPG (41757 bytes) (42K)     1949 Nov Telecast Pg10.JPG (66589 bytes) (66K)   1949 Nov Telecast Pg18.JPG (76128 bytes) (76K)   1949 Nov Telecast CoverPg19.JPG (77345 bytes) (77K)

    1949 Nov Telecast Pg30.JPG (85422 bytes) (85K)    ENLARGED TEXT>>  1949 TELECAST-Pg 30.JPG (221251 bytes) (221K)  1949 TELECAST-Pg 59.JPG (321646 bytes) (322K)